St. Enda’s Church at Tullydrum

It was the late Canon Hackett, P.P., Donaghmoyne, and formerly P.P. of Killanny, 1914-1927, who commenced the erection of the Church at Tullydrum and for which he collected considerable funds in the U.S.A.  The building contractors were McAdorey Builders based in Dundalk who specialised in building churches. The limestone was transported by horse and cart from Lisgall in Donaghmoyne.  Parishioners carried out a large part of the work voluntarily.  The Church is built on an old fort and while digging the foundations an old building was discovered.  Rather than disturb anything, the foundations were laid on top of the old building.  This was to have serious consequences however when some of the walls of the new Church split shortly after completion. The Church was opened for public worship in 1928 by the then Parish Priest, Rev. Thomas Brennan.  Opposite St. Enda’s is the parish cemetery, blessed and opened in 1917, by Most Rev. Dr. McKenna, Bishop of Clogher.


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